Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beautiful Colors!

I took some time off from working at the computer yesterday and I went for a nice walk in the woods with my camera! This is one of my favorite photos out of the bunch and I'll soon be posting more...


  1. Did you read my Etsy comments? If not, go to Etsy account and check conversations <3

    OH! Did you turn your clock back? Do they do that in England???
    Love love love Kevin's adorable FB profile pic

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yes! Thanks so much for your great comments on Etsy! I replied there and there's so much info we're still checking it all out! You're the best! We set the clocks back Nov 7th - not sure I'm ready for that but the snow will be pretty and soon enough it's Spring!

  3. Hi Elizabeth.. Yes we do turn our clocks back, we did it early Sunday morning. Thank you for liking my profile picture too. :)