Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Walk in the Woods & Cameras

Nature's beauty was stunning as I got out in the woods with my cameras the other day... The weather was beautiful and the colors of the fall foliage were spectacular!
While I was roaming around the woods, I started thinking about photography and some of the cameras I've had over the years... I have been taking pictures digitally since 1999 when I got my first digital camera. It was a Sony MVC-FD91, with only 0.8 mega pixels and it took the pictures directly on to a floppy disk. I also noticed the reds, greens, yellows, oranges and brown colors of all of the trees. I kept thinking to myself, "whoever painted these colors was spot on"!
My newest camera, which I just got a few months back and am still learning a bit about, is a Sony DSLR A350, with 14.2 mega pixels. The pictures in this post were taken with this camera.
My other favorite camera is my Sony DSC-W300, with 13.6 megapixels. It's a simple automatic camera with some manual settings and a very good lens and sweet macro capabilities. I've been shooting with this camera since 2008. It's very small so I always have it with me on the go!
Of course, I always have my cell phone camera with me too - my pockets get loaded! If I get too excited about how pretty it is, I'll usually upload a picture to my Facebook page while I'm on the shoot... I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to taking pictures, I guess ;)

I'll be posting more pictures of this shoot from my other camera soon. Thanks for coming by to have a look! Take a moment to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Keep having a great day & "Enjoy the beauty in everything"!

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