Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two Etsy Treasury Collections & One Sunday in October

This morning I awoke to the delight of notifications from Etsy that my photos were included in two Treasury collections. How wonderful is that?

The curator of the Treasury, Elizabeth O'Hara, is a very skilled and talented artist with two beautiful shops on Etsy. One shop is for her artwork, she makes the most amazing birds! Elizabeth's other shop is for her fused glass. I will have to admit, I haven't seen much "fused glass" before and I was astounded by the beauty of Elizabeth's wonderful work! Have a look at her fused glass here. You'll be happy you did...

These are links to have a look at the neat tricks and treats of these collections:

Yummy plum

Fall is upon us! The weather is getting cooler and the winds are picking up. While I was in the hot tub this morning, a leaf fell from the tree above me as a sign of many more to come. I love this season, and I'm looking forward to getting out and about and taking many more fall photos to put in my Etsy shop!! Take a look at my new listings!

All the best for a great day :)

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