Friday, April 29, 2011

An Afternoon of Easter Fun with POAC

The Point Pleasant Elks invited the P.O.A.C Families to "An Afternoon of Easter Fun". Michele Ford Photo went along to capture some of the memories of this great event!

Children and families decorated Easter Eggs. The tables were lined with balloons and decorations while the Easter Bunny and a Clown kept in charge of the fun!

Lunch was served! The Elks made delicious hot dogs and french fries for all!

Next it was outdoors for the Easter Egg Hunt! The children were all so excited and couldn't wait to get those egg!

It was great fun to watch as they ran about collecting the hidden goodies!

It was a great day for everyone, thanks to the Point Pleasant Elks and POAC!

Please visit Autism Awareness NJ's website for more information and how you can help raise awareness for Autism!

Up-coming events:

Tomorrow!! April 30th, at 3:00 pm!

Tomorrow!! April 30th, at 3:00 pm Jersey Mike's Subs 1st Annual Dodge Ball Tournament... Be sure to be there and show your support for this worthy cause! 270 Chambers Bridge @ Brick BMAC

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The House on Hurley Pond Road

Today we joined author Darren Fitzgerald as he went to Barnes & Noble Booksellers to see his book, The House on Hurley Pond Road newly for sale on the shelves there!

This large Barnes & Noble book store is located in the same part of New Jersey as the story is based in Monmouth County.

We ventured inside to see his books! We entered the store and looked to the left, and there it was in the New Paperback section right up in front of the store...

The story takes place in the home where Darren and his family grew up. What happened there is beyond scary!
"Within a few days of moving in, Darren and his older sister Coreen began to notice that something wasn’t quite right with their new residence. First came the doors that would mysteriously open and close along with lights that would turn themselves on and off by no physical means. Then came the threatening writing on the walls which eventually escalated into all-out physical attacks directed at members of the Fitzgerald family as well as anyone who attempted to enter the house."

Excerpt taken from the books' website,
As we were taking a few photos a reader was thrilled at the impromptu "meet and greet" with the author!

Mr. Fitzgerald was more than happy to sign this young lady's new book after she purchased it! I'm sure you'll agree, the look on her face is priceless!

As we walked through the store and browsed some other books of interest, we spotted the book in another location in with the New Jersey books.

The book is on the same shelf as books on topics similar to paranormal events such as ghost hunting, The Jersey Devil, ghosts in Central New Jersey, as well as books on the Monmouth County Park System, Asbury Park Boardwalk, New Jersey Railroads, The Pine Barrens, and many more books local to New Jersey history.

You will also find the book right by the checkout along with the Event poster for the May 21st Book Signing and Reading. Pick up your copy as you're walking by!

I hope you'll join author Darren Fitzgerald at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, New Jersey on Saturday, May 21st, 2011 at 7 pm for a Book Signing and Reading!

For more information and current news, please visit the book's website:

Michele Ford Photo wishes the best of luck to author Darren Fitzgerald on the launch of his book, "The House on Hurley Pond" in this Barnes & Noble Booksellers store and the many more to come!

An important note: Mr. Fitzgerald shows unending generosity with his willingness to donate a large portion of his book sales’ proceeds to the Parents of Autistic Children Charity. You can visit the Autism Awareness NJ's website for more information and to support this worthy cause.