Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ride to the Fruity Forest

Fall in New Jersey is such a beautiful time of the year. As I was taking some pictures in the woods, my nephew suggested we go for a bike ride to take pictures of the pretty trees around the neighborhood.
So off we went! He was on his three-wheeler with his camera and I was on my mountain bike with mine. He peddled and peddled and peddled and I had to keep peddling backwards :)
He'd say when it was a pretty tree that we needed to stop and take pictures. Ok, he'd tell me we were stopping most of the times. He learned as I nearly ran into him a few times and so did I!
The trees were absolutely popping with color out there. It might have been the best day of the Fall for it. I kept thinking too bad the sky wasn't bright blue, but hey - that's how it was that day.
Some of the trees situated together just looked like paintings, the colors were so perfect. My nephew's mom and dad also love trees and photography, so he has a very good eye for what is pretty!
This was one of the times he stopped short - or was that me? Anyway, he's checking his shot and making sure he got the picture he wanted. I think this was also about the time his battery started to die...
This tree was just on fire - it was so pretty as so many that lined the streets were! At some points, we stopped the bikes more than we rode them.
Sometimes it was a bit shaky taking pictures with handling the bike and watching the boy so some of these are a little out of focus. Like this one of my bike's tire, but it was just part of what was going on so I thought I'd share them too. Not every picture comes out perfect!
It was getting dark and the boy was getting tired, but he insisted we continue down this street. He wouldn't tell me why, just that we had to keep going...
So he peddled and peddled and huffed and puffed, while he kept asking me, "Why do you keep peddling backwards, Aunt Michele?" and at the end of the street here it is:
I was amazed when I saw this. I am not sure if he knew that's where we were going, or if that's just where we wound up, but wow! what a sight this was to see! I am so excited about how pretty this is that I have just added this print to my Etsy shop!

"Enjoy the beauty in everything!"

**** UPDATE ****

November 2, 2010 ....

I'm pleased to announce The Fruity Forest SOLD in my Etsy shop. No worries!! I've re-listed it.


  1. Thanks, Becca!! It was such a nice day out and the ride with my nephew was wonderful!