Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old cameras lead to new adventures...

I was looking back on some of my old photos and I came across a few that I took with one of my favorite cameras...

This is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC H-1. It was introduced in February 2005 and it was Sony's first foray into compact, big zoom image-stabilized cameras. This camera has a huge 12x optical zoom and is loaded with automatic, semi automatic and manual exposure modes, it has a big 2.5" screen and captures VGA/30fps movies in MPEG format. It was easy to learn on and led to many great times out taking pictures.

This was the first time I actually shot the moon! This camera made it easy to control the settings and the built-in image stabilization was right on. I had the camera on my brother's hiking stick/monopod when I took this picture. The details on the moon are amazing!

In the mid-afternoon sun, I stood before the forest... Gosh it was lovely that day looking through the young thin green bamboo shoots into the forest filled with giant old brown trees, the sun peeking in and forming a brilliant shine...

The color doesn't get much better in flower pictures, than on a Sony. This picture wasn't altered at all to brighten the color. The sun was shining and the bees were busy at work.

Bunnies always amaze me with the color of their fur and the different textures. I like how the bunny's ears are so soft looking while his coat is more coarse. The details with this camera are amazing.
I just had to pull the car over on my way to work this day! The sun was coming up over the sod farms out in the country of New Jersey as the mist was rising off the fields... It was so beautiful!

The macro setting on the Sony H-1 is amazing and again, so is the color. This butterfly bush was one of the prettiest flowers in the garden!

Even the smallest details of the dandelion are captured by this little camera. Don't you want to blow?

This is "Oddball"! He never sat still very long, but with this camera's huge lens, I was able to take his picture from the distance. He's an outdoor cat where I used to live about 2 years ago and I used to feed him, as well as some of the other neighbors did. It's nice, I saw him just last week and he's still looking well.

The focus and color on this camera are amazing - have I mentioned that? This is really one of my favorite pictures from this camera. I can almost smell the soft scent lingering in the air when the Iris bloomed...

This camera is for sale on eBay, along with a bundle of accessories. If you're looking for a nice camera, you know where to find it. It's all ready to start taking pictures when you get it home!

To see the lisitng and to place your bids on this camera, follow this link:

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