Friday, November 5, 2010

Memories of the Sunflowers

When I lived out in the country, I had some wonderful neighbors. One couple in particular grew a garden out in the back lot. All of the tenants were told they could use the land for gardening if they wanted to, but this couple was the only one who farmed out the land with vegetables, herbs and sunflowers.
I saw my neighbors each day while they carried buckets and buckets of water out to the garden and pulled the weeds, even on hottest summer days. They took great care of their plants and the reward was well worth it...
Their sunflowers were outrageous! Each time I passed by the garden, I would stop for a few moments and stare in amazement at the beauty of nature and remenber the good natured friends and neighbours who made this possible.
I can't thank them enough! I still stay in touch with my sunflower-growing neighbors and return to the country for visits with them regularly. Sunflowers will always remind me of my days in the country as well as the seeds for friendships that grow.

Thanks for stopping by today! After all, we're all friends and neighbors in blog-land!

Until we meet again,
Michele :)

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